Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Goosberries...going, going, gone

Over April we have been harvesting our first season of Cape-gooseberries! the taste of a cape gooseberry is tangy with a real Zing of fresh fruity flavour. the fruit grows in thin paper like pods, like delicate little Chinese lanterns, on a vine, similar in growth to a tomato plant. the flesh is yellow both on the outside and in. Ours have been fruiting throughout march and April, and are said to keep fruiting until the first frost.They also grow particularly well in poor soil. If you can get your hands on some seeds or a plant, they are definitely worth while growing in the patch.

the fruit stores remarkably well, for several months when left inside the husk, but around here, they disappear off the vine in no time at all. Our kids keep a constant greedy vigil by the gooseberry vine. I overheard G, yesterday, despairing that she could find only one cape gooseberry to eat! As for mum and dad, we shall simply have to wait until our kids have left home before we can enjoy them without being ambushed by midget gooseberry connoisseurs. 






  1. what do gooseberries taste like? (and don't say 'like gooseberries' .

  2. KIm, our "" button (last lettter of alphabet) is not working.... but cape gooseberries taste 'esty,a bit acidic, like a tomato, but citrusy and fresh. a real 'ing of flavor.... maybe a little like kiwi fruit... its complicated... but its a flavor that cant be properly described without a operating "" button!

    btw, congratulations on Honey's great news. any name ideas for the triplets?