Friday, January 14, 2011

Funky Frontyard Farmers Challenge: Day 6


Its hard to believe that day six has come and gone already, and that there is only one day left of our challenge. Today felt slightly melancholic, a sense that our challenge week is coming to an end, and yet joyful that we will soon be able to eat chocolate and ice cream again.

That isn't to say that we haven't enjoyed everything we have eaten this week. We have voted our favourite meal so far to be the broad bean brushetta and our least favourite were the pide prototypes that we had for lunch today...more on them later.

Over this week we have eaten at least 50 eggs, silver beet, mushrooms, garlic, onions, tomatoes, rocket, shallots, pumpkins, potatoes, chives, zucchinis, basil, parsley, rosemary, blueberries, blackberries, lemongrass, strawberries, broad beans, nasturtiums, sweet potato leaves, blue borage flowers, sunflowers, chamomile, beetroot, carrots, lavender, chillies, grapes, yadda yadda.. and best of all its all been grown on our suburban block.
The ingredients that we did buy for the week of coffee, milk, oil, honey and flour came to a total of less than $45.

stockings over our grapes to protect from the birds. Works well.

Our initial idea for this challenge sprung from our curiosity as to whether or not you can grow enough food on an average suburban block to be self sustainable or at the very least produce a significant amount of your own food from your garden.

Whilst this last week doesn't prove anything conclusively, we have gained a great deal from this whole experience and have really enjoyed the week overall, so much in fact that we have every intention of doing this again in the future.

Anyway, lets wizz through today's menu

Breakfast: hash browns

grate 6 or so potatoes, add an egg, 2 or 3 tablespoons of flour, and mix well. pan fry in olive oil. and some salt. yum.

Lunch: the shameful pide...we said we'd talk about it later...that's all there is to say.



1) a spicy egg and spinach pizza

2) potato and rosemary pizza

Tomorrow evening we have invited some friends to celebrate the end of our challenge with us. We will post the final challenge post in a few days time and will fill you in on our plans for the coming year and how they might include you!

Goodnight Gang...


  1. Dear Funkies, I want to play too. I am keen to see what you have in store for us. :-)

  2. You guys rock!! C'mon, spill the beans about the shameful pide.
    Good luck with tomorrows celebration. What's on the menu?


  3. Hello my f.f.f.friends.. very brief today guys, but saliva inducing all the same.. I guess you have a big day tomorrow, good luck peeps! Look forward to hearing your challenge thou if youre to ask us to live off our own garden produce, I'm unsure how long 3 lonely sprigs of parsley will sustain us?..

    Manu x

  4. Hi Joseph and Joanna, good to see you are all still alive and kicking. I really like this blog. It is great. I was hoping your chooks didn't go on holidays this week and stop laying eggs, and all the fruit & vegetables were ready to eat. Perhaps you should do it again for the rest of the holidays.

    Ice-cream... just get an icecream machine and you will have the best ice cream ever. Ice cream recipes are custard based - you have eggs, milk and sugar dont you? The chocolate is a hard one. Maybe you will just have to give it miss.

    All the best.

  5. hey there gang,
    anne and hazel, thanks for your support.. some menu items should not have existed without cheese...the melty kind. think crunchy pizza base meets dry desert...after a long day..the pide just didn't cut it..:)
    manu and suzanne, your icecream and parsely sprigs will all be appreciated...and to all of you we have something in stall for you...check out: ''...x joe and jo

  6. Hi Jo and Joe
    Amazing what you've done! We (family of 3) moved to Springwood recently and love growing food. We'd like to meet you. My email is:


  7. Hi Paula,

    Ounds good. we will shoot you an email. cheers for reading.